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Creating experience at the barber's

Charl Ackerman, the founder of The Barbery in London, creates a unique barbers experience in London focusing on sustainability and quality of ingredients.

April 18, 2019 12:24 pm

Name: Charl Ackerman
From: Cape Town Based in: London
Occupation: Founder of The Barbery
Erbology partner since 2018

Instagram: @thebarberylondon


“I am responsible for Front of House duties. So, I am present most of the every day, greeting clients, managing the barbers’ schedules and keeping the salon tidy and clean. I try to, whenever I can, serve the clients myself just because I want them to meet the person behind it. I am by no means the only one here. I think we are family. The barbers need to cut hair. That’s what they do best. And I really enjoy talking to the clients.


"I believe that a client deserves to arrive to a clean, tidy, efficient and tranquil Barbery, regardless of their appointment time."


I wake at between 5am and 6am to either catch up on administrative tasks or squeeze in a quick workout before cycling to arrive at The Barbery, ninety minutes before opening time. I get the salon ready for the barbers and clients: cleaning, preparing hot towels, watering the plants, setting up the playlist for the day and ensuring products are ready for the first appointments, especially in the case of prescriptive scalp treatments.


I take clients’ orders. I make them tea myself. Every client gets this Viva Scandinavia glass with a Floating Tea Strainer. I chop fresh fennel bulb, ginger or mint leaves that go in the strainer, hot water over and then I just leave it for the client. When they’re happy with the strength of it they pop it up and place on the middle tray. Then the tea can be sweetened with honey. I get Field Bean Honey from The London Honey Co.

Each of the clients gets an Erbology Energy Ball and I usually joke with them saying: “I know it says vegan but actually it’s lovely”. And that’s where the conversation starts. I explain to them what The Barbery is.



I love making a range of waters, too. I infuse water with fresh mint leaves and cucumber or add a few drops of Erbology Pure Rose Water. It has a beautiful calming scent.



For our scalp treatments (Dandruff and Soothing) I am hands-on as I am particularly passionate about this part of our offering. 



On relatively quiet days (during school holidays or around Bank Holidays, for example) and with the permission from the team (;-]) I nip to a yoga or pilates class, usually early afternoon. 

By the time I get home there is little free time to spend with my husband, but we make the most of it. We make an effort to have dinner together. I struggle to get more than six and a half hours sleep but I try. Sundays are my resting days. I do as little as possible but do so outdoors whenever I can.

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