Toddler feeding tips

Toddler feeding tips

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Cee Fee Dunn is a certified personal trainer with a young son. We catch up with Cee Fee about her best toddler feeding tips and how she convinces her son to eat healthily.

April 27, 2022 4:57 pm

Name: Cee Fee Dunn
From: London
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Coach
Erbology customer since 2018

Instagram: @naturalborncavewoman YouTube: Natural Born Cavewoman


“Although Rocco will tell you that vegetables are disgusting, he has no problem swallowing down any of my vegan soups. He also loves fish, porridge with my summer berry chia jam, red lentil pasta and pesto, hummus and pickled beetroot (you’ll have to ask him about that concoction), pizza, and every toddler’s favourite spaghetti bolognese… with hidden vegetables of course. And, he is VERY partial to Erbology Garam Masala Crackers.

garam masala crackers


I’m very casual about food with my son. Feeding a baby is so much easier because they (or at least my boy did) will try anything. I spent the first part of his life feeding so much in the way of whole, unprocessed and varied foods. He would eat and try anything. Feeding a toddler however… that is a different ball game all together. I am fully stepping in to the stubborn toddler protests of “dats ‘sgusting” days.

Most of the time, I keep his food balanced. I always cook a large breakfast for him as well as a large dinner, but during the day we just give him snack foods. I am not in the least bit evangelical about food I give him outside of his balanced diet. If you can’t enjoy a slice of cake or a spot of ice-cream as a toddler then when can you?!”



I love creating recipes. One of his absolute favourite breakfasts is my banana pancake recipe. It’s very challenging to make… Wait for it… Blend up two whole eggs and one banana and fry it in coconut oil. That’s it.

If you check out my Instagram I have put together a selection to my ‘Highlights’ of things I feed Rocco.

My words fail me when I try to describe motherhood. It is simultaneously the most wonderful and enchanting, yet terrifying maze.  I love that boy of mine. In all his two and a half years of infinite wisdom as he assures me he has, tantrums, defiance, giggles, squishy baby cheeks and all.

I have been working very diligently on the recipe chapter of my eBook. I was trying out a vegan chocolate brownie concoction… He was desperate to have one… His little eyes watching everything I did. I relented and gave him a piece and he ran off giggling only to come back with it in his soggy little hands thirty seconds later and tell me “it’s no good”. Then walked off around the corner repeating “yuk”. Safe to say that recipe didn’t make the final cut.”

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