SKIN BOX - Organic Aronia & Sea Buck Shots

SKIN BOX - Organic Aronia & Sea Buck Shots

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12 or 30-DAY SUPPLY

Certified organic • Vegan • Gluten-free • No preservatives • No additives • No added sugar • No added water • Non-GMO

The high-power blend of aronia and sea buckthorn berries is an awesome source of zest and a glowing skin tonic.

box size:

30-day skin box

Aronia is exceptionally rich in flavonoids, while sea buckthorn is loaded with rare omega-7. 

We hand-pick organically grown aronia and sea buckthorn berries to make our power shots.


Also known as chokeberry, this deep purple wonder berry is chock-full of nutrients and antioxidants, including precious anthocyanins that have been studied for their support of cognitive function, metabolism, healthy skin and heart.


Omega-7 fatty acids have been studied for their ability to support cardiovascular health and fight the harmful effects of the metabolic syndrome.

How do I use it

Kick start your day with one Erbology aronia & sea buck shot every morning. We love taking it straight or mixing it with orange juice, banana smoothie or water.

What's included

30 x 40ml aronia & sea buckthorn shot

Ingredients: 50% organic aronia berries • 50% organic sea buckthorn berries

Oil sediment occurs naturally. Shake well before consuming. Once opened, use within 24 hours.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutrition per 100g