Christmas presents for your sister: 8 great ideas

Christmas presents for your sister: 8 great ideas

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Now that the days of stealing each other’s clothes and pulling other’s hair are over (or indeed, if they are still going on), the festive season is a great chance to show your sister that you care. Check out our favourite Christmas presents for sisters here. All the items in our gift list are sustainable and ethical, too.

April 27, 2022 4:26 pm

There’s no-one like a sister

Some of us are fortunate enough to have older or younger sisters that we have always got along with. They braided our hair, or told off kids who were being mean to us at school,

Others among us spent our childhood years crafting ever more elaborate ‘KEEP OUT!’ signs for our bedroom doors.

Whatever kind of relationship you have with your sister, it’s certainly true that sisters hold a unique place in our hearts. Always there for us when times get tough; always the only one who will really tell us the truth about our new questionable haircut. Yes, sisters are a gift and a blessing to all of us lucky enough to have one.

So, what to get her for Christmas?

Knowing that every sister is unique, we’ve hoped to cover options for plenty of different personalities here. However, every one of our gifts is sustainable and ethical, so you can rest assured your present won’t harm the planet.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to our selection of Christmas presents for sisters.

Luxurious organic haircare

Is your sister’s hair her pride and joy? (Has it finally recovered from that time you stuck gum in it when you were eight?) Then she will love some extra-special haircare to look after her strands.

We already featured the importance of going organic with your haircare when we spoke to Olivia Crighton, founder of London’s Glasshouse Salon.

According to Olivia, going organic has benefits for your hair and skin if you’re sensitive to some harsher, synthetic ingredients. Plus, you can take into account things like sustainability and environmental factors.

However perhaps the biggest draw of organic haircare is the fact that it’s usually made with extracts of fruits, seeds and flowers which smell divine.

If that appeals, then Evolve’s handy collection of haircare essentials won’t disappoint. It features Baobab protein and pomegranate extract to nourish your sister’s hair.

Plus, as with all Evolve’s products, the whole blend is organic, vegan and free of toxic chemicals.


christmas gifts for sisters

Cosy pyjamas or loungewear

Yes, perhaps some of us went a bit overboard with loungewear in 2020. However, if your sister missed the trend and is still lounging in her secondary school sports sweats, it may be time for an upgrade.

Fashion is arguably one of the hardest areas to find sustainable and ethical options. Complex supply chains and shady business ethics in some quarters mean it’s very difficult to buy responsibly.

Fortunately there are some good players out there.

We’re very nearly obsessed with Girlfriend Collective’s range of gorgeous loungewear is made with recycled fabrics and organic cotton.

They also have activewear options if your sister is of a sporty persuasion, which is made of recycled materials including fishing nets!

You can even pick up a microfibre filter to make sure that no micro-plastics from any of your clothes reach the oceans from your washing machine.


skin health christmas gifts for sisters

Erbology Organic Skin Health Foods Gift Set

Help your sister keep her skin looking gorgeous and glowing with our very own Organic Skin Health Foods Gift Set.

It includes three natural foods, specially selected for their skin-loving properties. Just like any other part of the body, your skin needs the right amounts of specific nutrients to be able to function at its best.

On the other hand, environmental factors like pollution, stress and smoking can cause our bodies to produce a wave of free radicals. When there are too many of these little unstable molecules, they start to cause cell damage and ageing – the last thing we want for our skin!

Luckily, the right natural foods can help support your skin’s health.

For example, our Organic Aronia Juice Shots are packed full of anthocyanins, a special type of pigment which fights free radical damage. Meanwhile our Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder is full of skin-loving nutrients such as omega-7, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Finally, we add in our Organic Amaranth Oil. Cold-pressed straight from organic amaranth seeds, it contains squalene. Any skincare buff will know that squalene is a fantastic moisturiser. Our oil can be used in recipes or as part of your sister’s skincare routine. A multi-tasking skin hero!

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"Help your sister keep her skin looking gorgeous and glowing with our very own Organic Skin Health Foods Gift Set."

Pampering beauty accessories

Is your sister’s bathroom a nirvana of skincare creams, lotions and potions? Or does she have a strict 14-step regimen which cannot be disrupted on any basis?

If so, you may wish to steer away from the rather personal area of skincare and towards a gift which will help her get the most out of her chosen products.

A jade roller is a fantastic tool to use in the morning to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Beauty mavens claim that it helps to massage away toxins and tighten up your skin.

Plus, jade is thought to be protective against negative energy – another good reason to use it first thing to ward off potential pitfalls in the day ahead.

In addition to this, it looks gorgeous on a bathroom shelf and is rather cooling and lovely to use.

Alternatively, a gua sha stone has a similar theory behind it but a slightly different look. It is thought to reduce tension and puffiness, but is a flatter smooth stone which you move across your face.

You’ll need a good facial moisturiser or oil to use with this to help smooth it along. We love using our Organic Sweet Almond Oil for this as it’s non-comedogenic and full of skin-loving vitamin E.

You can pick up a jade or obsidian gua sha stone from Green People, while Herbivore does a lovely jade roller.


Natural wine

Natural wine

When was the last time you had a really good catch up with your big (or little) sis? Giving her a bottle of natural and organic wine is a sure fire way to get you both to find time in the diary.

While the definition of ‘natural wine’ is surprisingly vague, essentially what you should be looking for is an organic wine made using traditional methods.

Make sure the label says ‘organic’ to ensure no pesticides have been used to make the wine. Although there’s a lot of overlap between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ wines, there’s no guarantee that any given wine is both. So, best to check the label.

Natural wine makes a great gift as it can have quite an unusual flavour. Unlike conventional wines, which are filtered and may contain additives, natural wines can look cloudy due to the natural sediment from the fermentation process. There might also be a hint of fizz.

It can be great fun to settle down to enjoy a natural wine together, as you’ll have plenty to talk about as you explore the flavours and qualities of the wine.

Pure wines offers natural and biodynamic wines. Better still, they provide some guidance for newcomers who need help choosing the perfect bottle.


ayurvedic adaptogens christmas gift

Erbology Ayurvedic Adaptogens Gift Set

If your sister is struggling with stress or can’t seem to carve out any ‘me time’, our Ayurvedic Adaptogens bundle might be just the ticket.

It’s a great way to introduce your sister to the teachings of Ayurveda. This ancient Indian medical system began thousands of years ago and is still in use today. Unlike Western medicine, it focuses on the body as a whole system which requires constant maintenance, rather than waiting for a health issue to arise.

While Ayurvedic eating is quite a complex topic, our selection of adaptogens is easy to add into any routine. Here, we’ve chosen the most popular adaptogens to help introduce you to a more holistic way of living.

Adaptogens, if you’re not familiar with the term, are plants and fungi which have a modulatory effect on the body. This makes them great for helping to regulate the stress response.

Our Organic Ashwagandha Powder is a renowned sleep aid and perfect to mix into warm milk before bedtime. Meanwhile, our Organic Turmeric Powder contains 4.5% of the bioactive compound, curcumin. This is thought to be responsible for many of turmeric’s incredible health benefits.

Finally, we include our Organic Amla Powder. One of the fruits with the highest ORAC capacity in the world, amla is brilliant at fighting free radicals. This in turn makes it a great option for caring for your skin and overall wellbeing.

Sustainable slippers

If you’re aiming for a more practical gift which you know your sister will use, you might like to try a pair of sustainable slippers.

When slipper-hunting, we’d recommend choosing a pair that will be both comfortable and sensible. It may be personal preference, but we tend to go for slippers with a comfy back, so they don’t fly off our feet. A waterproof sole, which allows us to make a quick dash to the postbox, is an added bonus.

The trick is to find a pair of slippers that look and act like pared-down shoes, but feel like feather-light clouds to wear.

After much searching, we rather like the look of Giesweinn’s sustainable slippers. They are made with merino wool, using renewable energy and recycled water.

Plus, if you disagree with our assessment and want to go for a backless slipper (or one without a waterproof sole), they have options for you too. Trips to the postbox at your own risk.


matcha gift set christmas

Erbology Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set

If your sister is a foodie, or if she loves her artisanal coffee, our Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set is the perfect option.

It contains our Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, which is sourced sustainably from small farms just outside Kyoto, Japan.

Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest possible quality of this nutrient-packed green tea. Unlike other types of green tea, matcha is consumed as a powder which you mix with hot water.

Fortunately, our gift set includes a hand-thrown ceramic matcha bowl and a traditional bamboo whisk for mixing up your matcha the traditional way.

Simply add a teaspoon of matcha to the bowl, pour over hot water (or milk, for a matcha latte) and blend with your whisk until smooth.

Matcha is full of fantastic health benefits. For example, the combination of caffeine and l-theanine (a special amino acid) is thought to increase your energy and focus in the same way as coffee, but without any jitters.

It also contains a host of free-radical-fighting compounds such as EGCG which help protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Christmas gifts for sisters

We hope you’ve managed to find something here that you think your sister will love. We hope it goes without saying that the thing she’d probably love the most is some quality time with you! But it always helps to take a little something along with you.

Call it a gesture of love – or a belated apology for the time you borrowed her favourite sweater and shrank it in the dryer.

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