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Erbology Co-Founder Named as One of LBS's 'Individuals Leading the Way in Sustainability'

Irina has been named as one of London Business School's leading lights in sustainable business.

We’re delighted to announce that our co-founder, Irina, has been named as one of four alumni from the London Business School who are leading the drive towards sustainable business.

Irina was featured in a recent article by the prestigious business school alongside three other ex-students who are driving sustainability in their fields.

While Erbology’s sustainability credentials centre around organic farming, eco-friendly packaging and minimising waste, the other alumni’s specialities branch into other areas. These include managing carbon emissions, reducing waste from takeaway foods and developing green energy options.

It’s an honour for Irina and Erbology to be featured alongside others who are driving change for a more sustainable world.

Read Irina’s interview below, and don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom to check out the interviews with the other featured alumni.


Erbology founders


“I founded Erbology in 2016 with my brother Victor. We are a thought leader in plant-based nutrition, taking powerful plants and transforming them into accessible, everyday foods.

Nature has always played a big part in my life. I’m from Moldova and spent my summers in the Bessarabian countryside; a fertile region plentiful in walnuts, plums, grapes, sour cherries and forest nuts.

I feel fortunate to have grown up around such wonderful natural ingredients, but as I got older, this made me more aware of the declining state of the food production industry.

Erbology takes influence from our childhoods; we wanted to share the wholesome ingredients we grew up with while providing an alternative to the damaging processes commonly used in the food industry.

My grandfather had worked on fields where conventional farming practices were used, and the chemicals and pesticides were detrimental to his health. At Erbology, we chose to be 100% organic. Organic farming is better for the soil, the wildlife, the farmer and the consumer.

Sustainability runs through every decision we make in how we create and source our products. We’re proud of the work we do with independent organic farmers in communities in rural India, Southern Italy and Transylvania in Romania, to name a few regions.

We sought out small farms run by people who care for their land and love their craft. Our almond supplier is a young couple from Puglia who have taken over the land from their grandparents; they’re passionate about growing nuts through traditional methods, free from chemicals or pesticides.

By paying them a fair price and striking up an ongoing business relationship, it allows them to continue what they’re doing without having to change their practices. This keeps the quality of the product at the highest level possible.

This also ensures economic sustainability and acts as an alternative to large companies who focus on yield; producing food at the expense of the environment by using intensive farming and processing methods.

Our focus is to encourage people to pursue a healthier lifestyle and feel good. Sustainability is built into the backbone of our mission.

For example, we produce a range of snacks using a raw process under 42ºC to preserve nutritional value. We also activate all the seeds and nuts to make our snacks even more gut-friendly. From a health perspective, this is one of the most sustainable ways to make snacks. We’re pushing things further by investing in research to make our packaging 100% compostable.

It’s these different angles that make our business attractive to consumers; they are paying a fair price, and they know what we offer has been ethically produced and is of the highest quality.

Sustainability is a business opportunity. It’s a driver for the younger generation, and it’s getting to the point where Gen Z aren’t going to accept anything less than sustainable business practices. So, in the not too distant future organisations who fail to get on board will risk being left behind.”

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