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Buckwheat products

A delicious pseudocereal, buckwheat is naturally gluten-free. Browse our buckwheat products below.  

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Gluten-free buckwheat crackers

We use sprouted buckwheat as the base of our crackers. Not only is it much more nutritious than traditional crackers made with refined wheat flour and water, it’s naturally gluten-free. If you’re sensitive to gluten, you can enjoy buckwheat in our crackers and also use the grain itself as an alternative to rice or millet with your meals. Buckwheat benefits >>

Buckwheat: the secret cereal

Buckwheat is actually a pseudocereal, which means it is technically a seed but we treat it as a grain. Its texture is also more similar to grains than seeds. We sprout our buckwheat to make the nutrients in the grain more bioavailable. This means we can more easily digest and absorb them, so you get more from every bite.Buckwheat benefits >>

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Recipes section

Buckwheat granola

Our crisp buckwheat granola clusters are the perfect way to start the day – or to fill you up as a quick grab-and-go snack. We use sprouted buckwheat and tigernut in our granola recipe, instead of the more traditional oats. Both buckwheat and tigernut are natural prebiotics, which means they nourish the beneficial bacteria in your gut. The result? A gut-friendly, gluten-free recipe you’ll love to eat. If you have a sweet tooth, try our rich Dark Chocolate flavour, which is made with raw cacao. Or, if you prefer fruity flavours, try our Sea Buckthorn and Aronia Berry or Apple, Chia and Nopal Cactus flavours.Easy vegan breakfasts >>