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Jerusalem artichoke and inulin products

Jerusalem artichoke is the tuber of a type of sunflower, and it’s packed with prebiotic inulin fibre. Browse our Jersualem Artichoke and Inulin Products below.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Powder

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Powder

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Inulin powder

As we gain awareness of the importance of gut health, many people are becoming interested in inulin powders or supplements. Inulin is a type of prebiotic fibre, which means that we humans cannot digest it but the beneficial bacteria in our gut can. Supplying them with this nourishment helps them to thrive. Inulin is naturally present in many whole foods, including Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, asparagus and garlic. Many inulin supplements are made from chicory, but are heavily processsed and refined. Eat these foods for gut health >>

Why we’re different

At Erbology, we’d much rather keep all the other healthy nutrients found in these natural whole foods, which is why our inulin powder is a whole food Jerusalem Artichoke Powder. It naturally contains plenty of prebiotic inulin fibre, but also provides nutrients like iron and vitamin B1 alongside. As it’s a powder, you can also include it in your recipes just as you would an inulin extract. Eat these foods for gut health >>

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Recipes section

What does Jerusalem artichoke taste like?

We often recommend our Jerusalem Artichoke Powder as an addition to cakes, cookies, smoothies and other sweet and savoury recipes. As a result, our customers often ask us what it tastes like, as it can seem counter-intuitive to add Jerusalem artichoke powder to your chocolate smoothie! Fresh Jerusalem artichokes are delicious, with a mildly sweet and nutty flavour. If you eat them raw, they have a similar texture to water chestnuts, whereas they take on a starchier texture when cooked (a bit like potato). They are a wonderful ingredient to eat in a salad or stew, but can be quite difficult to get hold of or incorporate into your everyday life. That’s why we created our Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Powder; it’s versatile and can be added into almost anything! Its flavour is mild, with a slight sweetness. Through many rounds of recipe development, we’ve found that many people don’t notice it in cakes, cookies and other bakes, while those with a very sensitive palette may pick up on a slight earthiness. Either way, it’s a very pleasant flavour! Jerusalem artichoke benefits >>