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Nopal cactus products

Nopal cactus is a popular cooking ingredient in Mexico and comes packed with minerals. Browse our nopal cactus products below.  

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Nopal cactus

While cactus may seem an unusual cooking ingredient to us, nopal cactus (or ‘nopales’) is a classic culinary ingredient in Mexico. Eaten fresh, many people compare the taste and texture to green pepper. Lots of families eat it as a vegetable side dish. It’s full of free-radical-fighting compounds which protect your cells from oxidative stress and ageing. A Mexican study also indicated that it may be able to help regulate blood sugar, while another linked it with lowered LDL cholesterol levels. Traditionally, nopal cactus has also been used as a remedy for a wide range of ailments including digestive issues, cystitis and coughs. Nopal cactus benefits >>

Recipes section

Our nopal cactus products

Used in our granolas and energy bites, nopal cactus has a mild and almost neutral flavour, but brings with it plenty of healthy nutrients. It’s a particularly good addition in terms of gut health. Nopal cactus is high in a type of fibre called mucilage, which helps food to pass through the gut smoothly. Our snacks containing nopal cactus are a great way to boost your energy with the help of nutritious natural ingredients. Take them in your gym bag, or pack in your handbag for a healthy midmorning snack. Vegan workout snacks >>