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Power your next run, hike or gym session with natural foods that give energy and stamina. Scroll down to browse.

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

High protein and vitamin D

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Energy + Performance

Organic Popped Amaranth

Organic Popped Amaranth

Fibre + Protein + Minerals

Organic Amaranth Grain

Organic Amaranth Grain

Mighty grain

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The best pre-workout foods

If you exercise regularly it’s good to know which are the best pre-workout foods, and the best foods to eat after a workout.

This might vary slightly depending on the type of exercise you’re doing. For example, the best foods for running contain complex carbohydrates which provide a steady release of energy throughout your run.

When snacking, choose foods with complex carbs and fibre to power your 5K.

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Protein for muscle health

When trying to build muscle, it’s important to make sure you’re getting plenty of protein.

In that case, we recommend our Organic Hemp Seed Powder, as it’s packed with plant-based protein as well as other goodies such as fibre, essential fatty acids and vitamins D and E.

It’s a brilliant natural alternative to synthetic protein powders and is completely natural and organic!

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Recipes section

The secret to athletic endurance?

There’s some evidence that cordyceps mushroom has a positive impact on athletic performance. In fact, it was famously used by the Chinese Olympic team.

Studies have shown that athletes who consumed cordyceps were better able to clear lactate from their muscles, allowing them to continue working out at a high level for longer.

Cordyceps mushroom is easy to take – simply add half a teaspoon to your tea or coffee the day of your workout. Click below to read more about cordyceps and its benefits for endurance.

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