12 Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss

12 Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss

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If you’re looking to make some changes for health reasons, our healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss don’t sacrifice on flavour. Packed with healthy nutrients to keep you full while nourishing your body, they’re the perfect addition to your recipe book.

November 17, 2022 6:30 pm

Vegetarianism for weight loss

Going veggie isn’t just great for the planet. Research has shown that it’s good for you too.

Adopting a vegetarian diet requires you to cut out red and processed meats, which are associated with a higher risk of colorectal and cardiovascular disease, as well as overall mortality.(1)

It encourages you to include more fruit and vegetables in your diet, which – as we all know – is one of the best things you can do for your health.

What’s more, it may even help with weight loss. A meta-analysis by the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that vegetarian diets appeared to have significant benefits for those trying to shed a few pounds.(2)

All this to say: if you want to lose weight for health reasons, seeking out healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss is one of the best approaches you can take.

Here, we’ve gathered a few of our favourites for you to explore. We’ve chosen them based on a few criteria.

All our veggie recipes:

  • Are plant-based
  • Contain ingredients specially selected to support your health and wellbeing
  • Taste delicious and are a joy to eat
  • Are satisfying and won’t leave you tempted to raid the snack cupboard at 10pm!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss.


pumpkin seeds

Tempeh bolognese

Calories per serving: 241 kcal

Just because you’re not eating meat anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this classic pasta dish. Our version is made with tempeh, a fermented soy product similar to tofu. It has a firm texture with plenty of bite, making it an excellent option to replace minced beef.

Meanwhile, the pasta sauce has all the sun-ripened Italian flavours of the original. Crushed tomatoes and garlic transport you to the Mediterranean, while thyme and bay supply the herbal notes.

We like to serve this with courgetti when we feel like a light meal. However, when we’re looking for something more substantial, we pile it on top of a bowl of freshly cooked wholewheat spaghetti. Filling, delicious and packed with flavour!




Poke Bowl

Vegan poke bowl

Calories per serving: 480 kcal

Moving over from Italy to Hawaii, we find our tasty vegan poke bowl. Poke is traditionally made with freshly-caught fish, but its explosion in popularity all over the world has led to new versions popping up. Among these is vegan poke, which takes inspiration from the flavours of the original without any need for fish.

Here, tofu acts as your protein while mango adds a tropical flavour. Avocado, carrot and cucumber supply plenty of antioxidants and fibre. However the star of the show is our addictive poke dressing, made with soy, sriracha, apple cider vinegar and honey.

We freely admit to doubling up the dressing recipe so we can drizzle this over just about everything we eat the following day.

Serve with wholewheat soba noodles for a satisfying texture and plenty of fibre to keep you full.




Vegan Bean chilli

Vegan bean chilli recipe

Calories per serving: 185 kcal

This dish is a perfect winter warmer for cold days. It’s packed to the brim with healthy veg such as peppers, leeks and carrot, with kidney beans to provide protein and fibre.

We love making a big batch of this and serving to family and friends on wintry evenings. Serve with a scoop of brown rice and top with vegan soured cream or yoghurt.

Alternatively, try eating alongside a pack of our Rosemary Sweet Potato activated crackers. They are made with raw activated seeds rather than wheat and water, making every mouthful super nutritious.