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Vegan protein snacks

If you’re following a vegan diet, you might take extra steps to make sure you’re getting plenty of protein in your diet. From adding a portion of tofu to your dinner or choosing a chickpea salad at lunch, there are lots of options out there to make sure you’re hitting your daily targets.

However, some people need extra help beyond mealtimes to get enough protein in their diet. That’s where our delicious range of protein-packed snacks can help. 

Get your protein from tasty snacks

Take our crackers, for example. Unlike other brands which make crackers from refined wheat and water, we make ours with a base of nutritious ingredients such as activated sunflower seeds, linseeds and sprouted buckwheat. For extra protein on the go, we highly recommend our Organic Cashew Cheese Crackers. One pack provides 11g of protein. Plus, they are high in iron, vitamins B1 and B2 and phosphorus, and a source of fibre!

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Recipes section

Vegan protein supplements

At Erbology, we are often asked about the best vegan protein supplements and powders for working out.

While there are lots of protein powders out there, many of them use whey protein which is not vegan-friendly. In addition, they are often very highly processed and contain ‘fillers’ such as artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Instead of these, we prefer to use an all natural option when we need a bit of extra protein to replenish our muscles after a tough workout.

At Erbology, we offer two excellent vegan powders which are rich in natural protein. Use our Organic Chia Seed Powder for a boost of protein and fibre, or try our Organic Hemp Seed Powder. Of all our powders, this is the highest in protein, and it also contains other beneficial nutrients such as vitamin D and omegas 3 and 6.

A single serving of our Organic Hemp Seed Powder provides over 8g of natural plant-based protein to help you on your way to your daily target.

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