26 May 2022

What is manifestation? With Patricia Natalia, intuitive coach

author Ashley Owen
It’s a wellness trend that promises to help you achieve your dreams. But what is manifestation, where does it come from, and how exactly do you do it? We enlisted the help of intuitive life coach Patricia Natalia to help us familiarise ourselves with manifestation.

What is manifestation?

At its core, manifestation is the belief that you can bring positive experiences and opportunities into your life by thinking about them. If your instinct is to be skeptical, a chat with intuitive life coach and friend of Erbology Patricia Natalia will soon overcome any resistance!

“As human beings, we are capable of miraculous things,” says Natalia (who goes by her second name). “The body, mind and our energy systems are full of potential.”

According to Natalia, manifesting isn’t simply thinking about things you want to happen in your life. Rather, it’s about harnessing your own positive energy and directing it at the correct frequency.

“We are all energy in motion,” she explains. “Our thoughts, words and emotions carry an energetic frequency. When we emanate this out around our bodies, it creates our aura, or energetic field.

“We have autonomy over the frequency we put out. When we become more conscious of our vibration, we can use this frequency in our favour to draw towards us the circumstances, people and opportunities we desire.”


Where does manifesting come from?

While it may feel like the sort of practice that would be at home within ancient Ayurveda or Buddhism, manifestation is a new concept. 

It came about in the USA during the 19th century, as part of the New Thought movement. This philosophical approach incorporated thinking from ancient belief systems such as Taoism and Ancient Egyptian spiritualism, as well as modern ones.

In Vedic (ancient Indian) Yoga technology, manifestation is a natural outcome from bringing harmony within.

Initially, it was called ‘the law of attraction’; the idea that you could attract good things towards yourself through positive thinking.

In the 20th century its popularity exploded as many seminal self-help books incorporated it into their guidance. 

Natalia notes the mixture of ancient and modern thinking which has fascinated some of the world’s greatest scientific minds. 

“Many great quantum physicists, philosophers, scientists and some ancient texts have been talking about these principles for centuries; exploring manifestation through vibration, energetic resonances, electromagnetic fields and the influences of nature.

“To name a few, the likes of Einstein, Nikolas Tesla and Ralph Waldo Emerson have contributed greatly to workings around vibrational laws and manifestations.”

How can you use manifestation?

‘Drawing good things towards yourself’ is a bit of a fuzzy concept, so we asked Natalia how manifestation has directly helped her in her own life.

"It started with smaller things, and as I healed old traumas from the body, the energy got lighter and elevated, it resulted in manifestation of greater things...from manifestation of flowers, coffee or chocolate, to relationships, greater abundance, and the capacity to help and support others do the same in their lives."

“Everything begins with a vision in your mind’s eye. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that everything I have and experience today is exactly what I had imagined for myself years ago, when I was going through a real low point in my life."

“I never knew how it was going to happen, or how things were going to change, but I didn’t feel the need to have it all figured out. I stayed open, stuck with the vision and took inspired action when required."

“That persistence is what puts energy into the vision to bring it to life. So, stay with it!”



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