Hemp Products

Hemp products

We make our hemp foods from natural hemp seeds (or ‘hemp hearts’). Browse our hemp range below.


Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

High protein and vitamin D

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Vitamin D + Omega 3

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A natural alternative to protein powder

If you work out regularly or enjoy activities like hiking, running or cycling, it’s important to make sure your diet includes enough protein.

Many people like to boost their intake using a protein powder. However, many protein powders on the market are stuffed full of synthetic ingredients such as sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. When we’re looking after our health, that’s the last thing we want! Similarly, some protein powders are not suitable for vegans as they are derived from whey (which comes from dairy milk).

Our Organic Hemp Protein Powder is the perfect solution to this problem. 

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Our Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Our powder provides plenty of plant-based protein and is completely natural and organic.

It’s also versatile; you can add a scoop to your smoothies, like your normal protein powder, or add it to cakes, breads, cookies and other recipes.

Perfect for complementing your workout with no need for artificial ingredients. 

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Recipes section

Is hemp oil the same as CBD?

Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil, and it’s a very important distinction to make as the effects are quite different.

We selected our hemp products based on their nutritional qualities. Unlike CBD, they do not have a calming effect. (For the avoidance of doubt, neither will they make you ‘high’!)

However, hemp seeds are a potent health food from a nutritional perspective. They are a great source of plant-based protein, vitamin D and essential minerals.

You can eat our hemp oil as a way of adding these nutrients to your diet, or you can also apply it to your face and body as a skincare oil. It’s non-comedogenic and deeply nourishing. It also makes a fantastic hair mask.

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