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Delicately floral and naturally soothing, our pure rose water is made from Bulgarian damask rose.


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Organic Rose Water

Organic Rose Water

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Rose water drinks

You may be more familiar with rose water as a skincare ingredient, but did you know that it has many health benefits when consumed as a drink?

Rose water is made by steam distilling the finest organic rose petals. Many cultures, particularly those in the Middle East, have been using it for centuries.

Traditionally, many people use rose water to calm and soothe the body and mind. It is also a common traditional remedy for sore throat, menstrual pain and indigestion.

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Pure rose water for skin

In the modern day, we can ascribe some of rose water’s health effects to its levels of antioxidants, which prevent damage to your cells by free radicals.

We love to drink our rose water blended simply with water, fruit juice or in a smoothie, but it’s also suitable for use on your skin.

It makes a brilliant natural toner and may also have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

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Recipes section

Bulgarian rose water

Centuries ago, the very best rose water in the world came from Iran. There was even a rose water festival, where people would celebrate this wonderful water’s fragrance.

However, nowadays the best rose water in the world comes from Bulgaria. Naturally, that’s where we source our rose water. Indeed, it comes from independent organic farmers in the ‘Rose Valley’ region, famed for its fragrant roses. Roses from this area of Bulgaria are recognised the world over for their exceptional quality.

We use Damask rose, the most famous rose used to make rose water. While a fairly ancient variety, it’s actually a hybrid, combining the best features of two different species of rose. It’s used to make rose water due to its beautiful, gentle fragrance, which we can capture thanks to the natural essential oil produced by the rose.

Our rose water contains about a drop of essential oil in every serving.