Green pea soup recipe

Wholesome? Check. Colourful? Check. Delicious? Check. This green pea soup recipe ticks all the boxes for a nutritious and satisfying meal. Plus, we’ve added alfalfa powder for even more wellness benefits. This dish might just change the way you think about peas…


Raw carrot cake bites

These no-bake carrot cake bites are so tasty, you almost won’t believe that they’re good for you! Featuring a wholesome chewy base topped with a creamy cashew layer, they make an ideal snack at any time of day. And we’ve added both sea buckthorn and camu camu powder to give our carrot cake bites a unique citrus twist. Of course, these functional foods bring plenty of extra nutritional benefits to the dish too.


Nut-free protein balls recipe

Nuts are one of the most common foods to reach for when you’re after a plant-based snack rich in protein. However, they’re not your only option! Whether you’re allergic to nuts, don’t like them, or simply want to try something different, this nut-free protein balls recipe is for you. Quick, convenient, wholesome and delicious, they’re everything you could need in a snack!


Indian chickpea salad recipe

Fresh and fragrant, this Indian chickpea salad makes a deliciously wholesome lunch or side dish. And we’ve given the meal a wellness-boosting twist with the addition of tulsi and moringa. These two adaptogenic foods bring plenty of health benefits to your plate, along with unique flavors you’re sure to love.


Vegan congee recipe

Start your day the healthy way with this nourishing and delicious plant-based congee recipe. We’ve further enhanced the dish with the addition of fiber-rich psyllium husk powder, which supports digestion and gut health. This oatmeal alternative could well become your new favorite breakfast!


Keto brownie recipe

We’ve taken the wellness benefits of this keto brownie recipe to new heights with the addition of milk thistle powder. A potent antioxidant, it helps to support the health of your liver and protect against oxidative stress. Whether you follow a keto diet or not, we’re sure you’ll love these indulgent and chocolatey treats!


Baobab and physalis smoothie recipe

If you’re looking for a unique smoothie recipe to add to your repertoire, this one is a brilliant choice. We’ve made it using physalis berries for a tangy burst of flavor and vibrant orange color, plus baobab powder to enhance the drink’s health benefits. All that, and it’s quick and easy to make!


How to make a chocolate chai latte

The combination of sweet, warm cinnamon and bitter, chocolatey cacao makes this chai latte recipe the ultimate comfort drink. And we’ve further enhanced it through the addition of ashwagandha powder. This ancient Ayurvedic herb helps to tackle stress, improve sleep, and balance mood. All of which means this beverage is a true hug in a mug!


Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe

Get ready to embrace those beach vibes with this delicious and refreshing drink. A traditional Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe is a blend of coconut, pineapple, strawberries, and white chocolate. However, to make our version extra healthy, we’ve swapped the choccy for colorful, nutrient-rich wheatgrass powder. As such, it’s a little like a cross between a Bahama mama and an island green tropical smoothie recipe. Trust us when we say you won’t miss the chocolate!


How to make cauliflower rice

Are you interested in trying out some cauliflower rice recipes but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! In this post we talk about how to make cauliflower rice, plus suggest some ideas for different ways you can serve it. We’ve also given this already-healthy dish an extra nutritional boost with the addition of barley grass. As well as adding flavor and color, this vibrant green powder brings a wealth of wellness benefits to your plate. Not bad for a humble young leaf!


90g (15 servings)

Organic Chia Seed Powder