Organic Crackers with Garam Masala

Organic Crackers with Garam Masala

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Pack of 6 or 12 (50g each)

Certified organic • Raw •  Vegan •  Gluten-free •  Refined sugar-free •  No preservative •  No additives 

We love turning powerful plants into healthy snacks and recipe ingredients.

These garam masala crackers offer warm tones of Indian spice, blended with sprouted buckwheat. 

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Sprouted buckwheat 

Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and is a great source of iron, B vitamins, and all eight essential amino acids. By sprouting buckwheat it becomes enriched with phytonutrients and live enzymes, including co-enzyme Q10! 


Enjoy our crackers plain, or with salads, soups and dips! Make sure to try our other flavours! 

Nutrition per 100g

Energy - 960kJ / 230kcal

Total fat - 29g (Saturates - 10g) 

Carbohydrates -  19g (7g dietary fibre and 6g sugars) 

Protein - 9g

Sodium - 0.8g

What you will get

For online orders you will receive 6x 50g boxes of your chosen flavour of cracker.