Moon milk with adaptogenic herbs

Moon milk with adaptogenic herbs

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Our moon milk can be made with amla or triphala and is the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

Our delicious moon milk is made with your choice of amla or triphala. Vegan and sweetened naturally with dates, it’s a great way to wind down.

Moon milk

The term ‘moon milk’ may be fairly new, but the concept is ancient. Drinking a warm, restorative brew before bed is a classic Ayurvedic practice, and has been around for hundreds of years. Thus, it easily predates the recent trend for beautiful, pastel-colored drinks taking over social media.

So, while the interest in Ayurvedic bedtime drinks is relatively new in the West, it’s actually based on wisdom which has been passed down through generations in some parts of the world.

When we think of moon milk today, we picture the sort of drinks enjoyed by health bloggers and food influencers. They’re usually made with plant milk and flavored with spices and herbs.

Some make use of flower petals such as hibiscus or butterfly pea flowers to create the ethereal pastel colors.

This is a rather more complex take on the Ayurvedic original, which could be as simple as steeping a chosen herb in milk or warm water.

While moon milk may have become slightly more photogenic in recent years, it still retains the key features of the original: an adaptogenic herb brewed in a warming beverage, which is used to promote overall good health.

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What are amla and triphala?

Amla is a fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry. Much like our own gooseberries, amla fruits are small, round and have a yellow-green color. They also have a rather sharp natural taste.

In various places around the world, amla is eaten either by itself, candied or cooked into sweet and savory dishes. However, in the Ayurvedic tradition it also is thought to have strong medicinal properties.

Amla is linked to supporting hair and skin health thanks to the potent tannins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains.(1)

Triphala, on the other hand, is a polyherbal mixture which contains amla as well as two other fruits: haritaki and bibhitaki.

Each fruit has its own importance in Ayurveda, but combined they are thought to complement and enhance each other’s healthful effects.

For instance, each fruit is packed with antioxidants, making triphala a great choice to protect you against damage caused by free radicals.

What’s more, triphala may support your gut health by taking care of the beneficial bacteria in your microbiome.(2)

Amla and triphala both have quite a bitter flavor. Many people enjoy the taste and find it refreshing, however if you want to soften it slightly we recommend playing with the amount you use or sweetening the drink with a bit of honey.

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Warming spices, soothing milk

Spices are a key component of many Ayurvedic drinks. They add a familiar, comforting flavor which seems to warm us from the inside out.

Here, we’ve chosen to flavor our moon milk with sweet cinnamon, gentle nutmeg and aromatic cloves. The scent reminds us of a warm, homely kitchen and the feeling of nourishment and wellbeing.

We find these three spices particularly comforting and nostalgic. However, feel free to swap in other favorites depending on your mood and your current needs. A little ground ginger would work nicely, or perhaps a touch of allspice.

Meanwhile, a few chips of cacao butter lend our moon milk a deliciously smooth and rich texture.

You can make our moon milk recipe with any milk you prefer. Traditionally, Ayurvedic drinks tend to be made with cow’s milk, but we’ve found that oat, almond and soy milks make excellent options as well.

In this recipe, we’ve used our Organic Almond Flour. It’s defatted and soluble in water, meaning you can whip up a glass of fresh almond milk simply by stirring a spoonful into cold water. It’s fantastically convenient, and means you’ll never be caught out if you haven’t had time to run to the shop!

Here, there’s no need to make up the almond milk first; simply add it to the blender alongside the other ingredients to save time.


Self-care before bed

Amla and triphala can be taken any time of day. Many people like to take it first thing in the morning, but you can also take it up to twice a day, so it’s perfect for enjoying in the evening, too.

We love relaxing with a soothing moon milk before bed as part of our self-care routine.

Not only does drinking a warm, milky beverage help to settle you down before you go to sleep, but you know that you’re doing something positive for your health as well.

We love to combine drinking our moon milk with another soothing ritual to help us relax. Switch off your phone and avoid screens, instead using this time to be mindful.

Perhaps take the time to read a few pages of your favorite book. Or, double down on the skin benefits of your drink by combining it with a homemade facial. (Top tip: our Organic Rose Water is particularly good to add into homemade face masks, as it’s soothing and hydrating for the skin.)

This way, our moon milk can form part of a moment of self-care. It will help you drift off to sleep while also setting you up for a great day tomorrow.



250ml hot water 1 tbsp Erbology Organic Almond Flour Small pinch of sea salt 1 tsp organic cacao butter chips 3 small to medium dates, pitted ½ tsp ground cinnamon ⅛ tsp ground nutmeg ⅛ tsp ground cloves ½ tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp Erbology Organic Amla Fruit Powder or Erbology Organic Triphala Powder