Vegan edible homemade gifts for Christmas 2021

Vegan edible homemade gifts for Christmas 2021

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This Christmas, show you care by making a truly unique homemade gift for a friend or family member. Our fun and easy recipes make it easy to whip up festive treats in a flash - and we've even included decorative wrapping ideas!

April 28, 2022 5:29 pm

fruit leather

Strawberry and Aronia Fruit Roll-Ups

With a shape similar to brandy snaps or classic French tuiles, our fruit roll-ups make an elegant gift for a snacking connoisseur.

If you have trouble getting hold of fresh strawberries this time of year, simply sub in frozen berries.  Defrost them in the fridge overnight before you start the recipe.

These are best eaten fresh, so prep them just before you intend to give them. Alternatively, you can make them up to two weeks ahead and pop them in the freezer. Simply defrost before you gift.



How to wrap our fruit roll-ups

Our roll-ups look effortlessly elegant rolled into a square of greaseproof paper and tied with thin red ribbon or string. Alternatively, to give your edible homemade gifts the star treatment, tuck them into a small cigar box lined with greaseproof paper and finish with a festive bow.


raw vegan chocolate bar recipes

Festive Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a classic Christmas gift – and so easy to make! In essence, all you need to do is select your favorite festive flavors and pepper them through indulgent dark chocolate.

What’s more, because you make our bark in a large slab which is then broken into shards, you can experiment with adding different toppings. Give them out to different people, or give everyone a selection of flavors.

For Christmas, we love adding dried cranberries, pistachios and candied orange peel to our chocolate bark.



How to wrap our Dark Chocolate Bark

Once you’ve broken your bark into shards, simply stack them into recyclable cellophane bags and tie with red ribbon. To avoid any melting, it’s best to store your bark shards cool, so don’t forget to tell the lucky recipient to store them in the fridge.


amaranth cookies

Gluten-free Amaranth Cookies

If you have children, or are likely to be entertaining some over the Christmas period, these biscuits are a lifesaver.

Simple and quick to make, they’re perfect for involving your little helpers. Assuming that any remain uneaten once completed, they make fantastic edible homemade gifts for friends and family.

As they’re made with amaranth flour, they’re also completely gluten-free. For additional Christmas spirit, our chef suggests adding cinnamon, cardamom and orange peel to the basic recipe.

Use Christmas cookie cutters to shape them into pine trees, reindeer, stars and snowflakes. Decorate with white icing, if you like.

Alternatively, throw caution to the wind and leave the kids to decorate with colored icing and sprinkles.

The final cookies may not end up quite as elegant as yours, but they certainly will have provided a lovely afternoon activity for little hands.



How to wrap our Amaranth Cookies

Our amaranth cookies have a texture similar to a sugar cookie, so they hold their shape well and can easily be stacked. Recycle a biscuit tin and wrap with gift paper to help them stay fresh for longer. Out of all our edible homemade gifts, these cookies are the most hardy.

Alternatively, turn them into Christmas crackers by stacking a few cookies of the same shape. Roll the stack up in recyclable cellophane, leaving lots of free space on either side. Secure the cellophane with tape (you should now have a cylinder with two open ends).

Now, pick some festive twine or ribbon and tie it tightly around the open ends, as close as possible to the biscuits. Fluff out the remaining cellophane to create the shape of a Christmas cracker.


chocolate prunes

Chocolate plums

These delectable (and surprisingly healthy) treats may be novel to us, but they are a classic sweet treat in Poland. They are also extraordinarily easy to make and look like fancy chocolate truffles – with none of the effort required to produce them!

Simply dip high quality organic prunes into rich, dark chocolate. Sprinkle with a festive topping of your choice. Here, we’ve chosen nuts, but a clever idea would be to make a large batch and choose a few different toppings. You could try drizzling with white chocolate, dusting with freeze-dried raspberry powder, or sprinkling with crunchy seeds. Then, divide your chocolate plums into individual gifts with a few of each type.



How to wrap our chocolate plums

As a healthier alternative to truffles, it seems only right to use the same amount of fanfare for our chocolate plums. We love to pop each one into a petit-four case (which looks like a tiny muffin case) and nestle them into individual boxes. It’s best to keep them on a single layer, to prevent sticking.

You can pick up little favor boxes from art and craft shops, or even search YouTube for tutorials on how to make your own gift boxes at home to your exact specifications!


almond biscotti

Tuscan almond biscotti

The legend goes that these crisp and delicious biscuits were invented to provide energy for armies on the move. Nowadays, they’re a lovely, elegant gift which makes a perfect partner for a cup of espresso or a glass of vinsanto!

‘Biscotti’ literally translates as ‘twice baked’. The recipe involves first creating a large loaf shape from the dough, before slicing and baking each biscuit individually. That is the only complicated part of the recipe, however! The dough itself is a cinch and comes together in minutes.

We flavor ours with a classic Italian almond, inspired by traditional Tuscan recipes. However, feel free to experiment with flavors.  Dried cranberries and white chocolate chips would be a delicious flavor combination for the holidays, with the bright red berries standing out like jewels.



How to wrap our almond biscotti

Moisture is the enemy of biscotti, as they lose their characteristic crisp texture and become soggy if exposed to too much moist air. An airtight container is best for these. Many bakers swear by lining the tin with kitchen paper to soak up any moisture that manages to get inside, and inserting a piece of greaseproof paper between each biscuit to stop them sticking. Once safely stored, they’ll keep safely for several days.

Thus our wrapping recommendation is to re-use an airtight biscuit tin or plastic container. Seal up your biscotti the day before you gift them and wrap the box normally with eco-friendly wrapping paper and a reusable fabric ribbon.

"Throw caution to the wind and leave the kids to decorate with colored icing and sprinkles. The final cookies may not end up quite as elegant as yours, but they certainly will have provided a lovely afternoon activity for little hands."

tigernut granola muffins recipe

Streusel Granola and Coffee Morning Muffins

If you’re heading to a relative’s house on Christmas Day (restrictions permitting!), earn lots of brownie points by arriving with a freshly-made batch of our muffins.

Warm from the oven and exuding the luxurious scent of coffee, they’re certainly healthy enough to be eaten at breakfast, elevenses, or throughout the unwrapping of gifts.

They’re quick and easy as pie to make; no whisking required. Just a simple stir, crumble, and into the oven for fifteen minutes Yet, they’re an impressively grown-up treat, and healthy to boot.

On Christmas Day, we have no time for fuss; make these muffins with fresh espresso, or simply with instant coffee powder for ease.



How to wrap our Streusel Granola and Coffee Morning Muffins

There are few things as appealing as a freshly-baked muffin, which is way we take a ‘less is more’ approach to wrapping them.

Make your own tulip muffin liners with parchment paper and bake your muffins inside.

You’ll need to find a small jar (like a spice jar) which fits snugly into the cups of your muffin tray.

To make the tulip shape, cut out squares of parchment paper and place them on top of your jar. Scrunch the parchment paper firmly over the jar and smooth it down, creating lots of pleats in the sides. Once removed, you’ll have a tulip shaped cup to bake your muffin in.

We rather like the ‘rustic’ look of our tulips, but if you would prefer a more precise approach, simply make four corner pleats by pressing the parchment together and down around the jar.

To add a festive finishing touch, tie a little candy-striped twine around the ‘waist’ of each muffin.

If prepared in advance, these muffins – which tend towards crumbliness – are best transported in a biscuit tin or Tupperware box.


apple bread recipe

Apple Bread with Sweet Almond Oil

Bringing over a loaf cake is perhaps the ultimate sign of neighbourly care. The staple choice is, of course, banana bread. However most of us have had rather a lot of that this year.

Therefore, we’ve opted for a combination of apple and almond. Equally comforting but slightly novel, it’s also packed with nourishing nutrients and contains no refined sugar.

This makes the perfect gift when you really want to show that you care.

Spelt flour and our Organic Almond Oil provide a sweet nuttiness. Apple sauce adds flavor and removes the need for eggs or oil. If you’re making your own, sprinkle a little cinnamon in with the apples as they stew for a hint of warming spice.



How to wrap our Apple Bread with Sweet Almond Oil

Our apple bread is one of the ultimate edible homemade gifts. Cosy, comforting and sweet, it’s an honest-to-goodness delight paired with a cup of tea. As such, it requires no bells and whistles; simply the knowledge that it was baked with love.

Wrap it simply in parchment paper and secure with a length of twine, if needed. Present in person.


extra virgin olive oil

A few other good gift ideas for vegans

f you don’t have time to whip up your own edible homemade gifts, there are lots of other great vegan Christmas gift options out there. Check out our selection of gifts and bundles to find the perfect vegan Christmas gift for a loved one.

For example, our Relax and Focus gift set is a great choice for that friend who never seems to get a moment to themselves. It features two adaptogenic powders to help them rediscover a state of calm and resilience against the stresses of daily life.

For the natural beauty, try our Skin Foods gift set, which contains three of our bestselling natural foods to care for your skin.

For cooks who love to create fabulously complex dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen, a high quality extra-virgin olive oil will go down a treat. We source ours sustainably from a single estate in Apulia, Italy. It has a unique peppery flavor to inspire and delight any home chef!

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