02 Nov 2020

Our best festive vegan cocktails and canapés

author Ashley Owen
This Christmas, we are finally able to celebrate together with our loved ones once again! Make the most of Christmas 2021 with our fabulous recipes for vegan canapés and cocktails, guaranteed to delight all your guests.

To booze, or not to booze?

It’s completely up to you! Our cocktail recipes are made with health-boosting ingredients that will keep you feeling naturally fabulous all evening, and they’re all alcohol-free.

They make a grown-up, exciting alternative for designated drivers and anyone who prefers not to drink alcohol.

However, it is also the season for indulgence - so if you fancy adding a little something to your tipple, feel free to experiment! These cocktails will make a perfect match for our vegan canapés, alcohol or no.


aronia cocktail

Sage, Orange and Aronia Cocktail

A classic morning juice combination is made grown up and alluring with the addition of a few unexpected flavours. Start with a base of orange and carrot juice, then add sharpness and a host of antioxidants with our Organic Aronia Berry Shot.

A hint of cinnamon brings festive sweetness, while sage balances and refines. Enjoy with a slice of orange, lots of ice, and a couple of decorative sage leaves on top.




vegan canapes

Oriental No-Meatballs

These little falafel-esque no-meatballs may just be the perfect vegan canapé. Serve them piled high on a platter, perhaps on a bed of leaves for nostalgic, 1970s charm. Mary Berry would be proud.

These no-meatballs have a base of carrot, kidney beans and green pepper, making them satisfyingly full of fibre. We then add a surprising ingredient: our Nopal and Chia Granola. Free from added or refined sugar, it carries a hint of natural sweetness which pairs well with the spices in our no-meatballs.

It is packed full of tigernut and sprouted buckwheat, as well as plenty of activated seeds. This makes it an easy way to add body, as well as healthy nutrients such as iron and magnesium.

What’s more, these little nibbles are perfectly content to be kept in the freezer, making them an easy make-ahead option.




sea buckthorn mocktail

Sea buckthorn and hibiscus cocktail

Recreate the look of a tequila sunrise with a completely new blend of delicious ingredients! We use hibiscus tea to create the ruby red shade, while our Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice provides the golden-orange colour.

This recipe is quite tart and refreshing, so you may need to adjust the amount of sweetener for younger guests.

Decorate with a couple of dried orange slices for a Christmassy look.




falafel recipe

Baked falafel

Usually falafels are made by deep frying the chickpea-based batter in lots of oil, but we've saved you time (and calories!) by creating this delicious baked version. This recipe is for quite large falafels, as per the image above, however for finger food we recommend making smaller balls which can be nibbled with a drink.

Our recipe also includes a tasty tahini dressing. Serve this in a little bowl beside the falafels, for dipping, or even drizzle it over them on the serving dish before handing out.