Our best festive vegan cocktails and canapés

Our best festive vegan cocktails and canapés

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This Christmas, we are finally able to celebrate together with our loved ones once again! Make the most of Christmas 2021 with our fabulous recipes for vegan canapés and cocktails, guaranteed to delight all your guests.

April 27, 2022 4:49 pm

To booze, or not to booze?

It’s completely up to you! Our cocktail recipes are made with health-boosting ingredients that will keep you feeling naturally fabulous all evening, and they’re all alcohol-free.

They make a grown-up, exciting alternative for designated drivers and anyone who prefers not to drink alcohol.

However, it is also the season for indulgence – so if you fancy adding a little something to your tipple, feel free to experiment! These cocktails will make a perfect match for our vegan canapés, alcohol or no.


aronia cocktail

Sage, Orange and Aronia Cocktail

A classic morning juice combination is made grown up and alluring with the addition of a few unexpected flavours. Start with a base of orange and carrot juice, then add sharpness and a host of antioxidants with our Organic Aronia Berry Shot.

A hint of cinnamon brings festive sweetness, while sage balances and refines. Enjoy with a slice of orange, lots of ice, and a couple of decorative sage leaves on top.




vegan canapes

Oriental No-Meatballs

These little falafel-esque no-meatballs may just be the perfect vegan canapé. Serve them piled high on a platter, perhaps on a bed of leaves for nostalgic, 1970s charm. Mary Berry would be proud.

These no-meatballs have a base of carrot, kidney beans and green pepper, making them satisfyingly full of fibre. We then add a surprising ingredient: our Nopal and Chia Granola. Free from added or refined sugar, it carries a hint of natural sweetness which pairs well with the spices in our no-meatballs.

It is packed full of tigernut and sprouted buckwheat, as well as plenty of activated seeds. This makes it an easy way to add body, as well as healthy nutrients such as iron and magnesium.

What’s more, these little nibbles are perfectly content to be kept in the freezer, making them an easy make-ahead option.




sea buckthorn mocktail

Sea buckthorn and hibiscus cocktail

Recreate the look of a tequila sunrise with a completely new blend of delicious ingredients! We use hibiscus tea to create the ruby red shade, while our Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice provides the golden-orange colour.

This recipe is quite tart and refreshing, so you may need to adjust the amount of sweetener for younger guests.

Decorate with a couple of dried orange slices for a Christmassy look.




falafel recipe

Baked falafel

Usually falafels are made by deep frying the chickpea-based batter in lots of oil, but we’ve saved you time (and calories!) by creating this delicious baked version. This recipe is for quite large falafels, as per the image above, however for finger food we recommend making smaller balls which can be nibbled with a drink.

Our recipe also includes a tasty tahini dressing. Serve this in a little bowl beside the falafels, for dipping, or even drizzle it over them on the serving dish before handing out.



"When it comes to cocktails, think about decorations and finishing touches in advance. Want to try a salt rim on your glass? You can prepare that beforehand and simply pour the freshly-made cocktail when it’s ready."


Aloe Vera Shot

Pomegranate, Orange and Aloe Vera Cocktail

Unapologetically fuchsia, this is a cocktail that demands to be put centre-stage at any gathering. Both surprisingly simple and unusual, this makes a fabulous drink for designated drivers.

It’s also an excellent option for children to join in the fun. If serving for kids, consider lessening the amount of aloe vera or removing altogether, as it is something of a ‘grown-up’ flavour.

Coconut nectar is an optional topping, but we think it adds a little extra interest. When the weather outside is frightful, a hint of the tropics rarely goes amiss.




hummus recipe

Artichoke Hummus

Is there any vegan canapé as universally beloved as hummus? Feel free to discuss at your Christmas gathering, as you dunk warm, toasted pitta into the luxurious swirls of our Artichoke dip.

While ‘plain’ hummus is both a culinary delight and a dinner party staple, we think the addition of artichoke takes it to a whole new level.

The sharpness of the artichoke cuts through the rich hummus perfectly, while a scattering of pomegranate seeds adds a splash of festive colour and sweetness.

Be sure to use an excellent quality olive oil for hummus, as it’s one of those dishes where the flavour of the oil makes or breaks the dish. We love to use our Organic Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this, as it has that classic, bitter olive flavour with a smooth almond finish.

Stick to the traditional pitta pairing, or lead your guests astray with a selection of our organic, seed-packed crackers.




rose water cocktail

Passion Fruit and Rose Water Cocktail

This cocktail is made with vibrant, cheerful citrus flavours. Passion fruit takes you to the tropics, with tangy orange juice acting as a base. Fresh grapefruit stops the cocktail becoming overly sweet.

The top note is rose water, which brings a luxurious floral scent to the drink. Combined with the flavours of citrus, it’s both exotic and mellow.

We like to add a fresh basil leaf for decoration, which gently infuses while you drink to add a herbal twist.




sweet pea vegan canapés

Sweet Green Pea Vegan Canapés

Sweet, fresh and made with a convenient freezer staple, our sweet pea canapés will transform your petit pois into an almost unrecognisably elegant party food.

Top crispy garam masala crackers with a creamy spread made of pea and celeriac. You can try a variety of different toppings to finish your nibbles.

We particularly love crisp, sharp radish slices, or the rich, deep flavour or sun-dried tomato. However, these vegan canapés will be equally at home finished with artichoke, roasted pepper or even a little charred sweetcorn.

Drizzle with a little more extra-virgin olive oil for a finishing touch.




bergamot cocktail recipe

Bergamot and Carrot Cocktail

Bergamot may be more famous for the scent of its essential oil, but it also makes a delicious drink. The more grown-up sister to orange, lemon and grapefruit, bergamot has a tart, refreshing flavour. This cocktail makes a perfect option for those who don’t like their drinks too sweet.

There are numerous, secretly healthy vegetables hiding in this vibrant orange cocktail. Alongside bergamot, you’ll find earthy carrot juice, cucumber juice and even a few tablespoons of tangy raspberry purée.

We finish ours with a little agave nectar, but some will prefer the zesty flavours of this drink as they are. Finish with a few generous sprigs of mint, to add freshness and fragrance.




chickpea salad recipe

Bergamot and Chickpea Salad on Rice Cakes

Pair your bergamot cocktail with a salad which also makes use of this wonder ingredient in a different way.

Chickpeas, avocado and corn make for a light, yet substantial, salad base. It’s brought to life by our unique bergamot and mustard dressing, piled onto rice cakes and scattered with fresh parsley to create a moreish mini-bite.

Much like lemon, bergamot is the perfect partner for tangy mustard. When combined, their flavours meld to create a dressing that treats all the tastebuds; sharp, sweet and with a hint of spice.

Alternatively, eschew the rice cakes and turn this recipe into part of a meal. It makes a smart starter as part of a collection of ‘small plates’.



Hosting tips

Whether you’re a well-seasoned ‘host with the most’ or it’s your first time hosting family and friends, our tips will make sure your gathering goes smoothly.

Our number one tip? Plan ahead!

Make sure you plan your menu and do your grocery shopping in advance. If possible, spread out the prep over a number of days. This means you can do a bit here and there around your normal routine, rather than spending a frantic day in the kitchen before your party.

If you’re inviting friends, ask them beforehand about any allergies or dietary requirements. All our recipes are gluten-free and vegan, so they are quite inclusive, but remember to ask about common allergies such as nuts, seeds and celery.

If you’re struggling to calculate how much to prepare, think in portion sizes. If you’re planning on serving only vegan canapés, consider serving some fresh, flavoured bread on the side in case anyone’s feeling very peckish.

Or, if you’re serving them prior to a bigger meal, make sure that everyone has the chance to try each. We like to provide two canapés per guest, so your guests can go back for their favourites.

When it comes to cocktails, think about decorations and finishing touches in advance. Want to try a salt rim on your glass? You can prepare that beforehand and simply pour the freshly-made cocktail when it’s ready.

A big bag of ice will keep you suitably stocked and able to whip up refills whenever they’re requested (and they surely will be requested!).

Most of all, planning ahead means that when your guests arrive, you don’t have to stress about your hosting duties. Instead, pull up a chair, grab a chilled cocktail and a festive nibble and have a laugh with your loved ones.

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