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Simple and powerful.

Erbology turns powerful plants that complement each other into wholesome snacks, drinks, oils and recipe ingredients for everyday eating. It was founded in response to today’s fast-paced lifestyles, intensive agriculture practices and use of synthetic supplements.

We bring you something out of the ordinary, something that you'll rarely spot on a farmers' market. We take pride in constantly digging up new ways to integrate nature’s marvels into our busy lives, and believe healthy foods can taste great and add a touch of excitement to everyday recipes.

Our products are certified organic, gluten-free and vegan. We don’t use any chemicals, additives or processed sweeteners.

Snacks for healthy digestion

Our activated tigernut granola is perfect for breakfast with milk, yogurt or plain as an afternoon snack.

Our sprouted buckwheat crackers are gluten-free, high in fibre and protein. Perfect with soup, salad, dips or plain as an afternoon or post workout snack. 

Jerusalem artichoke energy balls are raw and high in inulin fibre known to help boost digestive health. Ideal as an afternoon snack or pre workout. 

Immunity boosting drinks

Our aloe vera, sea buckthorn and aronia juices are a great support to immunity, skin and heart health.

Daily must-have, on their own or added to smoothies or water. Pure. Undiluted. Powerful.

Body cleansing oils

Enjoy our fine selection of oils from hemp, milk thistle, sea buckthorn, chia and amaranth.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids: squalene – omega-3 – omega-6 – omega-7– omega-9. Ideal for soups, salads and smoothies. 

Powerful ingredients

Our amaranth range presents all essential amino acids. Our powders and berries are raw which allows them to retain their health benefits.

Raw. Nutritious. Perfect for smoothies, porridge, as yogurt or salad toppings, no-bake snacks, as well as baked goods. 


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