Vegan milkshake recipe

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Vegan milkshakes

In many Latin countries, fruit-based milkshakes are available on every street corner, sometimes several times on one block. These shakes are lighter and thinner in consistency than smoothies or what we tend to think of as milkshakes in Western countries (read: brightly coloured concoctions from hamburger joints that taste like melted ice cream.) Granted, a wide variety of milkshakes, from plant-based shakes to alcoholic shakes, have entered the current cultural consciousness. Interestingly enough, the first recorded use of the term 'milkshake' came around in 1885. The mixture it referred to included whiskey and eggs and resembled eggnog. These milkshakes were considered health-giving tonics as well as treats. We've come a long way baby!

Our vegan milkshake recipes

These recipes are handy when you feel like something mildly sweet and full of body, but refreshing and healthy. They go down a treat to both your palate and your insides. The addition of various oils give a smooth, slick texture that is quite pleasing. There's one for a variety of moods and emotional inclinations. Just finished a workout, feeling on top of the world, and looking for something to take your endorphin high that extra way? It'll be the light flavours of the chia and blueberry vegan milkshake recipe you're looking for, finished with the warmth of cinnamon. Chia seed oil will provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, valuable for muscle building and recovery. Or are you in the mood for a bit of rich sensuality, albeit healthful? We'll gladly direct you to the milk thistle and cacao vegan milkshake recipe. The delicately nutty flavour of milk thistle oil is a very nice complement to the depth and darkness of the cacao. We recommend the matcha and hemp seed one to get you off and kicking in the morning. It's a nice alternative to coffee or iced coffee, and the mellow green of the avocado is soothing to the eyes at the beginning of the day - a matter of no little importance. And how about the mango and sea buckthorn version, you ask? Mango has always seemed a supremely energetic, celebratory fruit to us. It's what we eat when we want to feel like we're on holiday. The holy fruit of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn, is a nice strong restorative to put alongside such jubilance. We'd say this is the one to sip on a sunny afternoon.   vegan milkshake recipe

Shake it and take it!

These vegan milkshake recipes are a jiffy to master. They're easy to make in the morning and bring along with you to work. Rather than taking a coffee break in the afternoon, try finding a bench to sit, sip, and watch all the bewildering, beautiful world jaunter by. Instead of the sharp energy that caffeine gives, you'll be bolstered by a gentler, calmer injection of strength. A shake is perfect on the weekend, too. For a light, easy to prepare, and satisfying Saturday lunch, try accompanying our roasted cauliflower salad with milk thistle with the shake of your choice. Finish off with a healthy, plant-based dessert from the array of recipes we have on offer.  Excellent after a long week at work.


Vegan milkshake recipe (base)

  • ½ ripe banana
  • ⅓ cup oats
  • 2 tsp honey or maple syrup
  • 1 cup plant-based milk


Sea buckthorn and mango milkshake


Chia and blueberry milkshake


Milk thistle and chocolate milkshake


Matcha and hemp seed milkshake

Typical nutrition / serving

    Here's how you make it

    Use the banana and oat milkshake base for any of the flavours. Blend everything well, garnish each glass and enjoy!


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