28 Jul 2020

Joanne Rose Hazel: Fighting eczema with a whole food diet

authorWritten by AshleyOwen
'After almost two years, despite dermatologists telling me it was impossible, I managed to heal my skin from eczema with just diet.'

Name: Joanne Rose Hazel
From: London, UK
Occupation: Marketing Expert
Erbology customer since 2018

YouTube: Joanne RH


"Eczema is a skin condition that presents itself with thickened, darkened skin which itches and flakes, and can sometimes weep and bleed. I have had eczema on and off since I was a child but nothing serious at all. I had become accustomed to using a bit of steroid cream to remedy any problems and it would go away. Issues really started to take hold whilst I was pregnant with my daughter. I had said to myself that after she was born I would start eating healthier to help get rid of my eczema once and for all. The initial changes I made were inspired by a book called the 'The Makers Diet'. However, rather than my skin get better it got extremely worse. After almost two years, despite dermatologists telling me it was impossible, I managed to heal my skin with just diet.

Don't let anybody tell you you can't heal your skin naturally because you 100% can. I would be lying if I said it was easy but the journey is definitely worth it. The freedom that comes with not having to rely on the GP to keep prescribing you poisonous creams is a feeling like no other. When I have a breakout now I know my body enough. I know exactly what to do and my skin heals in a matter of weeks if not days!

Eczema came with a lot of emotions

It was a difficult period of time. I have a lot of faith in GOD and the power of healing; but there were definitely times where I felt completely isolated and depressed. It was so difficult to do the most basic of things. Sleeping was impossible and showering and bathing was extremely painful. There were a few times during the process where I felt that I didn't want to live anymore. Often times I prayed that if my skin would never heal, that GOD would just allow me to die in my sleep.

The experience with the dermatologist

The first dermatologist I saw in A&E after my face blew up and became covered in rashes said he had never seen eczema like that in his life. At the time, my eczema covered my entire body except for a tiny patch in the centre of my chest. My face alone was burning and felt so painful. He told me that I had cause my eczema to become that way because I hadn't been using steroids. The medical community believe that eczema is a genetic or hereditary autoimmune condition that cannot be cured. Even though I wanted to continue to heal my skin naturally, I gave into the steroids because I was so terrified of how I was already suffering. The dermatologist gave me a high dose steroid to use for two weeks twice a day.

In the few days that I began using the steroids my skin seemingly began to clear but before the two weeks was complete the palms of my hands and scalp broke out in what looked like a fungal infection that was weepy and covered in boils. I immediately called the dermatologist and he recommended that I go back to the GP and get an even stronger steroid and a steroid shampoo for my hair. It was at this point I realised I was beginning a cycle of never ending medication. I refused all the medications and again purposed that I would heal my skin by myself.

What do the doctors not tell us about steroids?

The doctors don't tell patients that the body eventually becomes 'addicted' to steroid medication. After widespread and consistent use it is almost impossible to stop because every time the medication is removed the body goes into a crisis and breaks out even worse than before. This is what usually keeps people in a cycle of steroids unable to stop it but the longer you remain on it the longer the withdrawal and recovery process will be.


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