05 Sep 2019

Where to do your grocery shopping in Clapton?

author Ashley Owen
Louise Stern is a writer, artist, and a mother to a toddler. She is the author of the novel Ismael and His Sisters. Discover a writer's day at work and some of her favourite meals.

Name: Louise Stern
From: California Lives in London
Occupation: Writer
Erbology customer since 2019

Feeding body, soul... and toddler

I often work from home as a writer on various commercial and creative projects. No matter what it is that I am trying to put together – sometimes it’s something strictly to feed my bank account, sometimes it’s completely for me, most often it’s somewhere in between - I  so anticipate lunchtime.

There are days when I grab something from the fridge and eat in front of the computer. But, I try my best to put the laptop aside and go out into the not-quite-fresh-but-still-refreshing air of east London.

This has always been my way, but even more so now that I have a toddler. Now, work days are the only times I am able to cook and eat lunch on my own. She already likes to help me cook and she’s a good ol' eater, but mealtimes are slightly less meditative with her around! I sometimes cook and eat a quick supper after she’s in bed.