05 Sep 2019

The top five cookbooks in my kitchen

Written by Ashley
Inspired by her grandmother's cooking, Erbology's very own plant-based chef Ana Rusu likes to experiment within the traditional cuisines and make wholesome vegan recipes. Here, she shares some of her favourite cookbooks and what she snacks on when she does her research.

Name: Ana Rusu
From: Romania
Occupation: Certified Plant-based Chef
Erbology partner since 2016

Instagram: @herbs_and_roots


"I’m always drooling over my favourite Italian cookbooks... The Glorious Vegetables of Italy by Domenica Marchetti and The Silver Spoon Cookbook are two of my favourites. This last one is also called 'the bible of authentic Italian cooking' and even though it was first released in 1950 and became a bestseller over the last 60 years, it was translated in English only a decade ago.



I am not sure if I am madly in love with Italian cooking or it is just because most of the flavours are so similar with what I grew up with in my grandma’s kitchen. All recipes in this cookbook are so well developed, using only fresh ingredients and simple techniques for great taste. I would say it's one of the best cookbooks out there.

I often check The Silver Spoon before I venture myself into the kitchen. Did I mention it has a huge veggie chapter in it? This revised edition is even better with new menus by celebrated Italian chefs like Massimo Bottura.


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