Almond truffles recipe with black seed oil

These rich and chocolaty truffles are so decadent you’d never guess they’re made without refined sugar! With a hint of nuttiness from almonds and an intriguing peppery twist from our Organic Black Seed Oil, they make an elegant gift - or a tasty treat for yourself!


Macro bowl with black seed oil recipe

We write this having just polished off a macro bowl full of raw vegetables and topped with black seed oil - perfection in a recipe. A macro bowl is sustaining and strengthening for your body. It is what we crave whenever life feels even slightly off-kilter. For us, the trick is to keep the element of surprise and novelty intact, no matter how many macro bowls or Buddha bowls we consume. The intensely peppery flavour of black seed oil is a wonderful thing to have in your store cupboard. It lingers with you long after you have finished eating, continuing to stimulate and energise.