Raw muhammara recipe with amaranth oil Raw muhammara recipe with amaranth oil

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Raw muhammara recipe with amaranth oil

Searching around for new dips that would reinvigorate taste buds and be as versatile as hummus, we became inspired by the Syrian muhammara... Continue
Vegan sushi recipe Vegan sushi recipe

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Vegan sushi recipe

Check out our vegan sushi recipe recipe for delicious rolls made with tofu marinated in maple, tamari and our earthy hemp seed oil.
Gluten-free bread recipe Gluten-free bread recipe

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Gluten-free bread recipe

All sorrows are less with bread. And all sorrows are even less with good bread.
Velvet beetroot soup recipe Velvet beetroot soup recipe

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Velvet beetroot soup recipe

A sweet, velvety, utterly charming beetroot soup with aronia berry.